Sustainability has many definitions. All I have done recently is fix and repair. I have often said, if you want a good home built, have a remodeler build it!  If you want it built right spend the money. most often it’s about how things will be down the road. How is the structure going to be used? People normally are simple minded and don’t contemplate their decisions. I am not just talking about residential. Doing a cost benefit analysis  on every thing is tough work and very time consuming. Don’t worry, don’t listen, don’t believe me. You will pay for not planning and not analyzing. IT’s Cost Versus time spent. What kind of an environment are you in? What should the prevailing considerations be for the type of roof be. Number 1, forget looks. Looks and aesthetics are for the neighbors and  curb appeal when you sell. I know you are real smart because you have a lot of money to spend and that’s OK. Exterior design is the last considerations.  Function is first and the most important consideration. If you can’t live in it? Is there any existing considerations. What prevails? How do you know? Did you find out from some one? Make a list of Questions to ask. Keep paper and pen available when ideas or questions arrive.  Be analytically.

What to do? Make a list of priorities.  Focus on livability. How many people will live there? Will your livability and function change? Do you realize the magnitude of your considerations. Has the designer given you newer technological design systems to help you understand what you are getting? Have a floor plan designed first with a 3-D walk around. If you have trouble with the process of design work and find this very confusing and its too much for you, STOP. You can’t deal with this, its not for you. Don’t do this. you can’t handle this. It’s unfortunate that you can’t have it built just to see if you like it. Move and go buy something done. Designing is a Process not a product.

Function considerations: 1) I need 3 bedrooms 2) I need of 3 bathrooms 3) 2 car garage 4) a large living room 5) ???????

Make up a furniture list with the size of the furniture located to scale on the floor plan. Oh No that takes time and effort!!!!!!!!!!

How long are you going to live there? What about insurance cost?   What about maintenance cost? What about durability? What about power cost???

How do you consider these things? First things first. Floor plan first, located on site. Make many copies. Review with qualified trade contractors and the building department.

implement design changes with other considerations. Cost is last.

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