Interpretation Facts about Codes and Regulations

  1. Attorneys and Judges interpret laws
  2. Codes are based on application and interpretations
  3. Design professionals are educated to define code applications
  4. Building officials are charged with applying regulations to formatted design drawings by the design professional
  5. Contractors are required to follow approved plans
  6. Contractors and field inspectors are left with design plan failures
  7. Most contractors do not read the building code or contractor licensing regulations.
  8. 14 hours is not enough time every 2 years to understand all regulations, codes and laws for construction.

Issues with remodeling and renovation projects with code officials and design professionals

  1. Design professionals don’t always adequately define existing conditions
  2. Only field inspectors review existing conditions
  3. Never has the building official/plans examiner reviewed existing conditions before permitting.
  4. The existing building code, NFPA requirements and Life Safety codes should be understood by contractors and design professionals
  5. Code officials don’t always apply codes correctly.
  6. Existing condition levels should be establish as part of administrative code FBC chapter 1

Facts about Education providers

  1. Construction education providers don’t always have construction experience
  2. Providers are required to interpret ate regulation and code processes for education purposes
  3. Education regulators critique courses based on application and interpretations
  4. Simplistic courses don’t encompass all considerations
  5. Building codes have become more complex and have more prescriptive engineering requirements
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