First Stage:

Owners List of Initial Project Considerations

Owners List of Initial Project Considerations


  • Owner’s basic wish list of directives
  • Owner’s land survey (Recommended by building officials)
  • Preliminary first-stage design agreement executed. (Cost based on wish list)
  • Prepared site plan (Required when changing footprint of structure)
  • Prepared plan of existing conditions (Plans the home was originally built from)
  • Conceptual design drawing based on owner’s with list and existing conditions
  • Preliminary conceptual floor plan approved by the owner
  • Spec. Writer/Specifications, scope of work, party responsibilities outlined
  • Vague budget analysis

Second Stage:

  • Develop working drawing consisting of floor plans, exterior elevations, roof plans, interior elevations of kitchen, baths, fireplaces, stairways, etc
  • Develop structural drawings consisting of roof framing, floor framing, foundation plan, wall section details, and cross section details
  • Generate mechanical and utility plans and schematics of plumbing, electrical, HVAC System. All utility drawings should show existing and new modifications
  • For final costing, F.R.I. requires a full set of drawings for each trade; 3 official sets. One for the contractor and 3 sets for the building officials. Other requirements might be needed such as soil testing, additional engineering and energy calculations

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