[pageview http://video.tbo.com/m/21869069/hi-tech-home-protection.htm?q=Hi-Tech+Home+Protection “Dean Jarvis on News Channel 8” Dean Jarvis of Florida Renovators, Inc. in Largo, Florida explains the complexities of remodeling an older home to current wind abatement and building codes]

Automatically Generated Transcript of Video:

Officials charged in this year’s hurricane season begins this Sunday and as you prepare one thing to consider is the stated your home. If you had an older home then want to remodeled there are ways to bring everything have to — hurricane building codes. Stunned — Jennifer tells us how. And you can every Molly asks. What would you say is. –”

” Replace the windows. Portion through the windows somehow — canyon and special number one thing you.”

” Many of us have great older homes that don’t meet current coach. But don’t give up those two — also floors in craftsman style homes just yet just how great. Use steel instead of wood because it’s thirty times stronger. Make sure your group is tied down with a lot of march plants. But this isn’t easy doing yourself job.”

” Voted out of professional she is like trying to do surgery by yourself — we’re going to what do what tie off. You know this is something new to left up to somebody really knows what they’re doing –a design professional.”

” With a professional eyes you can create a more resistant home. ”

” That is up to current code to try to entire building together that’s what the codes are trying to do.”

” You want your whole house tied together. From foundation to prove. Down to. That is what’s happening to this early fifties Florida bungalow. That is getting a Big Three do so we can car.”

” The law allows. As far as in here. Lower warnings from the roof right here is how this all together. And in through rolling cart out the foundation night here in and an angle so.”

” We now the foundation tied to the roof. We’ve also strengthened the concrete block wall — Cracks along the wall could signal — a concrete block will fail during high winds. High — we need to prepare for but hopefully will — I’m going to — meteorologist Jennifer Hill.”